Who are we and what are we about?
Information Science Scotland is a coalition representing the information science interests of the following institutions:
  • information, technologies, systems and processes
  • their impact on people, business and society
  • the legal, ethical and social dimension
The aims of the coalition are:
  • to promote the discipline of information science to a wider community
  • to encourage collaborative research
  • to provide access to collective expertise for young researchers
  • to produce imaginative, high quality information professionals

Previous iDocQ conference events

The iDocQ 2017 is in its seventh and is still going strong. Previous iDocQ events have been a success and more details can be found below so you can see what this year’s event may bring:

  • 2016 (Strathclyde). Here is a link to a summary of the event by Hazel
  • 2015 (Aberdeen). You can find a link of Professor Hazel Hall’s review of the event here.
  • 2014 (Glasgow). Professor Hazel Hall also blogged about this event here.
  • 2013 (Aberdeen). More information on this event can be found here.
  • 2012 (Edinburgh).
  • 2011 (Aberdeen).
Registration is now open!



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